My Honorary Masters Degree

My sweet husband reminds me occasionally that blog posts can be short.  I think he is hinting that I tend to get a little wordy.  Only those who know him well will recognize the irony in that.  So this morning I’m going to tell you a short story about my honorary masters degree.  I could probably also claim an honorary bachelors degree, but I have one of those of my own, so I won’t.

As mentioned previously, I started dating Walter my sophomore year of college, which was his junior year.  As also mentioned, he worked several jobs to pay for college.  When we met, he was sacking groceries at a little small town grocery store where the old ladies have been coming for years and have distinct opinions about said sacking, working as a custodian at the Methodist church, and starting his first youth ministry job.  In the spring he also taught at Disciple Now weekends almost every weekend.  Since those activities put a limit on the amount of time we could spend together, I had the brilliant idea that I could type his papers for him.  I knew my typing skills excelled past his, but I didn’t realize how valuable my writing skills would be.  Rather than type word for word, which would have been so boring, I challenged myself by changing his words and adding to his sentences.  He learned that if I typed for him, he could get to the 500 or 5000 word limit much more quickly and painlessly.  Thus we completed college with an abundance of “quality time” typing papers.

Not long after we were married, he started seminary.  We continued the same pattern, completing papers while we both worked also.  I remember a couple of times that I stayed up all night at the church office typing his dictated words on the secretary’s computer then going home to shower and go teach school all day.  I did this without complaint knowing that someday I could brag to the six friends who might read this blog.  I resisted the urge to add my name to the bottom of that piece of paper from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but I know it should be there.

This is the end of my short post.

8 thoughts on “My Honorary Masters Degree

  1. Ok… First make that seven to read your blog… I don’t know if you were counting me… but I did have to comment on how Walter better watch out what he says… Because you just outed his whole educational status for telling you you were long winded… lol. However, I heard rumor that Dr White from ETBU was in the same boat. Perhaps my wife will type for me if I do any further schooling. Keep typing, love the blogs and I know there are many Minister’s wives who will benefit from the thoughts you have. Harry’O

    1. Ha! He says I didn’t have to sit through the hours of classes, reading, and taking tests. Evidently there’s more to it than my little paper typing contribution. Thanks for being #7!

  2. Well, as I told you on the phone and will now tell all of those 7 people reading this, I am so impressed with you. Although I enjoy your personality, enthusiasm, and organizing skills greatly, I really had no idea what a wise, wise woman you are spiritually. You passsed me a long time ago! Thank you for the contributions to my life. You are a terriffic role model for many young wives out there. Keep the blogs coming. Love you.

  3. Definitely should have a MS in counseling… With friends like me! :)
    Terrific post! Minister’s wives do way more than they get credit for, that is for sure! Keep swimming, sister!

  4. Oh the irony is rich….tsk, tsk…said the pot to the kettle…. :) This is my first time to enjoy your blog (can’t access at work) but I thought it was a little, um, short….LOL. Blog on, sister!

  5. Great job! Remember the little people who contributed to your organizational skills . . . being your big sis who would clean and organize your room every chance I could get! ; )

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