Numbering My Days

I am walking through a book with a group of ladies from our student ministry, and I came across a verse this week that really spoke to me.  Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver is a book I’ve read and highlighted and learned from before, but new lessons hit me each time I read it.  Numbering my days is one of those lessons.  Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”  I would like to analyze two parts of that verse- “number our days” and “heart of wisdom.”

In seeking to number my days, I have to ponder how much of my days the Lord allows me to see.  How many of us would love to know that we have 5,475 days left or 10, 475 days.  I even think I would like to know if I only have 57 days left, so I can take care of some things before I leave.  Obviously if we knew we were going to be dying in the next couple of months, we would ignore things like housework and laundry and exercise and dental work and all of those things that won’t matter when we’re dead anyway but that we need to do if we’re going to live a few more years.  What I’m thinking of involves the things that dominate my thoughts and time.  Do those things have eternal value or just value here on earth?  A life spent making memories with my kids and sharing Jesus  with everyone I meet and leaving those temporary things undone would probably land me on a reality show similar to Hoarders with perhaps less stuff but definitely more filth.  Practically speaking, there are things that have to be done that don’t have eternal value beyond teaching my kids that clean people live this way not that way.  I have to examine how much of my time I let them control; how much of my mood I let them control; and how much of my resources I let them control.  I have less than 3 years before my daughter graduates and less than 5 before my son graduates.  I have to number those days and recognize the priority of every day I get to wake up and take a breath and make an impact in someone’s life.  I hope it will be the someones He gave me to raise and maybe a few others if He really blesses me.

Finally I have some thoughts on wisdom.  Most of us would say we would love to have a heart of wisdom.  Then we would never find ourselves regretting something we said or an opportunity we wasted.  There would be no consequences because there would be no sins or mistakes committed.  Recognizing that perfection comes with death, what can we do to avoid as much heartache and make the most of the time we have.  James tells us that if anyone lacks wisdom, he can ask God, who gives it generously.

I imagine a spiral effect in these concepts from Psalm 90:12.  As we number our days by recognizing the value of making the most of every day God gives us, we gain wisdom.  As we gain wisdom, we are able to better know how to make the most of every day God gives us.

Since I am holding up progress on today’s schoolwork by taking so much computer time, let me close with this quote from Andy Stanley that I saw this morning.  “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.”  Number your days wisely!

5 thoughts on “Numbering My Days

  1. Shelly!! You go girl! Continue to share with us what God is revealing to you, continue to make the most of the moments God has blessed you with, you my sweet sister in Christ are bringing Glory to our Father! Love you:)

  2. Very good. Great insight. I happen to think you are wise and doing a wonderful job being a mom and a daughter of the King.
    P.S. I hate commenting cause I know you will correct my grammar, spelling, sentence structure and commas and stuff!

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